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In Praise of Haggis

Haggis is as Scottish as Stewart tartan or the thistle on the royal crest, a dish that speaks eloquently of this land’s rugged history and resourcefulness. More important, this often maligned meat is delicious, especially when garnished with a sprinkling … Continue reading

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Laguardia – Medieval Hilltop Town in Spain’s Rioja Vineyards

Rising above the vineyards of Rioja, south of the coastal city of Bilbao, Laguardia is a postcard-perfect medieval town. No cars can enter the gates in the massive walls that surround Laguardia – the ground beneath the hill is too … Continue reading

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Mandarin Chicken, Much Evolved

 The evolution of recipes is as complex as any theory advanced by Charles Darwin, and to me, no less fascinating. Few among us can resist tampering with even the most treasured culinary traditions, and further changes adapt recipes to the … Continue reading

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Welcome to WorldBite: The whole world, one bite at a time

We mean “bite” literally and figuratively: As in food and as in small segments. Don’t look here for travelogues or tour itineraries (except maybe a cheese trail or a walk through vineyards). Instead expect delicious morsels you can plan a … Continue reading

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