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Preparing Vietnamese and Thai Dishes at A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School

Although I’m a fair hand with several Chinese and Japanese dishes, Asian cooking has never been my strongest suite, so I didn’t hesitate before accepting Steffani Adaska’s invitation to sample her A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School for a … Continue reading

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Discovering Sardinian Soul Food

Until a rainy night in a granite town high in the mountains of northern Sardinia, I never thought much about the culinary possibilities of stale bread. Nor of the universal inventiveness of cooks in hard times. A regional dish called … Continue reading

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Mandarin Chicken, Much Evolved

 The evolution of recipes is as complex as any theory advanced by Charles Darwin, and to me, no less fascinating. Few among us can resist tampering with even the most treasured culinary traditions, and further changes adapt recipes to the … Continue reading

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